TRAVELLERS have arrived at another Oxford park-and-ride, adding to the frustrations of drivers. 

Some 20 caravans were pictured at Pear Tree this morning, and the city council has begun legal proceedings against them.

It comes after groups of travellers have stayed for weeks on end at different sites across the city.

Caravans have most recently occupied Thornhill and Water Eaton park-and-rides. 

A group moved from Water Eaton last week having stayed since mid October.

At Thornhill, police were filmed appearing to lead away horses after the site was set up.


Pear Tree is managed by Oxford City Council

Tony Ecclestone, spokesman for the council, said: "About 30 caravans gained entry to Peartree Park and Ride at about 9pm last night via an adjacent farmer’s field.

"Car park staff from Oxford Direct Services have attended this morning to assess the situation.

"They discovered the gate between the field and the park and ride broken.

"The Council is starting the legal process for removal.

"The car park remains open to users."

It comes after repeated camps at Oxford's park-and-rides over the last year, including stints at Thornhill, Oxford Parkway and Redbridge.

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Caravans that arrived at Oxford Parkway station during a previous camp can even be seen on Google Maps' latest satellite images of the city. 

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