SWASTIKAS were sprayed onto the wall of an Oxford Community Centre.

The Nazi graffiti was daubed on the Quarry Pavilion, on Margaret Road, upsidedown on Saturday night – but has now been removed by Oxford City Council.

Shaista Aziz, an Oxford City councillor, snapped the vandalism and posted the pictures on Twitter, saying: “Absolutely disgusted to see Nazi signs sprayed on a wall and building in Oxford.

“This is how hate crime is normalised.”

The equalities campaigner who works on hate crime nationally, told the Oxford Mail: “As a society we cannot be complacent about this.”

She said the graffiti was filth, adding: “I think it is very important that when people see bigotry like this on our streets it should be reported.

“I am shocked to see this type of bigotry should be visible in our city and it cannot be.”

Nigel Chapman, city councillor for Headington Hill and Northway, said the graffiti was ‘awful’ and is ‘affront to tolerant welcoming Oxford’.

Councillor for the area, Roz Smith, also tweeted a picture of the offensive graffiti, saying that it had been reported to the city council – who look after the community centre – for urgent clean up.

She said that the vandalism must have happened between 6pm and 8am on Saturday night.

Oxford City Council removed the graffiti this morning.

Residents took to Twitter to praise the council for the speedy removal.

Jonathan Ives, who is a resident in Headington, said: “Thanks Oxford City for the swift removal of graffiti on the Quarry pavilion.

“The very poor attempt at a swastika suggests the culprits have not yet got to grips with the GCSE history syllabus rather than the Quarry being a hotbed of the far right.”

It comes after police investigations began on two men who were filmed appearing to make Nazi salutes in Oxford, during the protest against Steve Bannon’s visit to Oxford on Friday.

Videos emerged of a gesture being repeatedly made as around 1,000 people demonstrated against the far-right figure’s appearance at the Oxford Union.

The Nazi salute, which is illegal in a number of countries, could breach the Communications Act.

In April this year, a man who filmed a pet dog giving Nazi salutes was fined £800.

Last week, a 'fanatical Neo-Nazi' couple from Banbury were convicted of membership of a terrorist group.

There is no suggestion that these incidents are linked.

The Oxford Mail has contacted Thames Valley Police regarding the graffiti.