POLICE are investigating after two men were filmed appearing to make Nazi salutes in Oxford, during the protest against Steve Bannon on Friday.

Videos have emerged of a gesture being repeatedly made as around 1,000 people demonstrated against the far-right figure’s appearance at the Oxford Union.

One shows the pair seeming to make the gesture while protesters chanted ‘anti-fascista’.

The woman who filmed that footage, Oxford University student Mahsa Alimardani, said she believed the two men were from a group of pro-Bannon demonstrators.

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Nazi swastikas sprayed on Quarry Pavilion in Oxford​

She said: “While at the protests I noticed that the pro-Bannon folks in the crowd didn’t shy away from doing their 'Nazi salute'.

“I had been following this Oxford Union story for a while and thought the protests would have an effect on their decision. I'm not sure if those men are affiliated with the talk, but they seemed riled up by it.

“It is disappointing to see this in Oxford - a city I’ve associated with the best University and intellectual achievements in the world.”

In a tweet, she added: “What a sad time to be alive.”

VIDEO: Amitai Landau-Pope

A second video appears to show the pair joking about performing a salute, mock goose stepping and filming their actions.

Dana Naomy Mills said she was opposite the men when the incident occured.

She explained: "The thing that struck me was that though masses of police appeared to protect Bannon entering, no one was around when this happened, and those thugs kept taunting the protesters throughout, with no police intervention. 

"I am the granddaughter of a German Jewish woman who escaped Germany in the 1930s, and I am still horrified and mortified by what has happened. I am grateful for solidarity the Oxford community has shown, but really this needs to be tackled head on, and questions should be asked about how the Union and police enabled the events of Friday to unfold the way they did, and what are they doing to follow up."

Mr Bannon, who is associated with the far-right and is President Trump’s former chief strategist, had to be ushered into the union by police after being taken to an entrance in a police van.

He spoke to a half-empty room and took questions from the union president and audience, after protesters blocked the entrance to the building.

A Thames Valley Police spokeswoman said of the newly emerged videos: “Officers will review the video to establish if any offences have occurred.”

The Nazi salute, which is illegal in a number of countries, could breach the Communications Act.

Oxford Mail:

Picture: Amitai Landau-Pope

In April this year, a man who filmed a pet dog giving Nazi salutes was fined £800.

The salute was used by former German leader Adolf Hitler and normally involves the right hand, but one of the two men uses his left.   

Neither man has been identified but both appear to both be white, middle aged, with short, dark hair and jeans. One is wearing a black coat, the other a green hoody.

Earlier this week, a 'fanatical Neo-Nazi' couple from Banbury were convicted of membership of a terrorist group.

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