HOW does this sound for a supergroup? Take members of rock beats Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Dio, Mötley Crüe and Foreigner, throw them into a tour bus and send them on a mission to spread the message of rock & roll.

Yes, it has all the makings of a real-life Spinal Tap, but that’s what makes The Dead Daisies so much fun.

On Tuesday, the collective of Doug Aldrich, John Corabi, Marco Mendoza, Deen Castronovo and David Lowy head to the O2 Academy Oxford on Tuesday for what promises to be a night of blistering rock.

Clearly for this bunch of mates, there is no such thing as taking it easy.

“I still love being on the road!” says John Corabi, who earned his spurs singing with Mötley Crüe.

The rocker, 59, who also cut up stages with Angora, The Scream, Ratt, Twenty 4 Seven, Zen Lunatic, Brides of Destruction, Angel City Outlaws, Union and ESP (with former Kiss lead guitarist Bruce Kulick), says there is no chance of him settling down into domesticity

“Obviously you’ve never seen me with a powertool in my hands... it’s not good!” he laughs. “But, right now, The Dead Daisies are really picking up a lot of steam. I guess if you still really enjoy doing something you love, it’s not really considered work is it?”

The band’s Daisyland Winter Tour follows the release of single Can’t Take It With You, from their latest album Burn It Down – which is flying on both sides of the Atlantic.

So how did the band come about?

“Well, The Daisies was started in 2012 by David and a singer named Jon Stevens in Australia but I personally wasn’t there in the beginning, and don’t really know what happened before I got here,” says John.

“But I’ve been told that they wrote a bunch of material and recorded with a bunch of session players, and decided to put a ‘band’ together to tour.

“It was kind of ‘ass backwards’ actually, because most bands get together and write for a while, then try to get a deal, record an album, then go on tour.

“I guess there were a couple of members that didn’t quite work out along the way. I’ve been with the band since last January, as Jon Stevens left the band to do some solo recording.”

And it has gone better than they could have hoped, he admits. “We’ve recorded two albums since I’ve joined (Revolucion, and Make Some Noise) and things have been steadily getting better with each tour.

“The band doesn’t consider ourselves a supergroup, we like to say we’re more like a boys’ club, as we’re more a bunch of really good friends that share the same love of classic rock music, if you will, and we’re just having a ton of fun doing this.

“We’ve all known each other for 20-plus years, so it’s been an incredible couple of years hanging, creating, and jamming live with each other.”

And how has the Philadelphia-born rocker enjoyed touring this side of the pond?

“Playing in UK has been amazing for all of us,” he says. “The fans are awesome, and have been extremely accepting of all of us, separately and together. It gives us a chance to see and hang with some mates.

“Personally, I’ve played England a couple of times when I was doing my solo acoustic shows and had a blast. I was schooled on a few different warm beers and managed a bit of sightseeing, but not much!

“I’ve got quite a few friends there, and enjoy seeing them every time I’m there, and I also love the history of the UK, so that intrigues me as well.”

Is there a venue that he enjoys playing most?

“That’s a hard one,” he admits. “We all just love playing. “There are a bunch of places, even at home in America that I haven’t played yet, so after 27 years of touring, there are still a lot of famous venues that I’d love to play.

“I think playing The Download festival [in Leicestershire] with The Daisies, was awesome, as I read about that in Kerrang as a kid when it was called the Donnington Festival. I was supposed to play there with Motley in 1994, on a bill with Aerosmith, and for some reason we cancelled, so I was more than disappointed. So it was definitely a bucket list gig.”

“Playing Budakon with Motley in Japan was great as well, and that’s another legendary venue, that I remembered from the Cheap Trick album.

“I think my biggest wish is to play my hometown of Philadelphia at the new Spectrum, and Madison Square Garden [in New York] because that’s as legendary as you can get!

“Hopefully it won’t take that long to cross those venues off the list.”

And finally – but most importantly – who is the most rock & roll?

“Deen, if you love drums, Doug, if you love guitar heroes and guys with good abdominal muscles, Marco, if you love bass, salsa, anything Latin and eyeliner, David, if you love guitar, Aussies, pilots, and shopping – and yours truly if you’re into incredibly talented, handsome, savvy, poetic, Godlike, humble singers such as myself. Hah!”

  • Dead Daisies play the O2 Academy Oxford on Tuesday.
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