A DEVELOPER has come under fire after a Botley housing estate road which is being resurfaced caused damaged to a passing car.

Work has recently been done to re-lay the main thoroughfare on the Tilbury Field estate, however a large hump has been left protruding from the road.

On person who asked not to named said: "Despite being careful we scraped the underneath of our new car.

"There must be so much damage done especially at night with the badly lit roads.

"How can Persimmon treat people like this?"

In August residents criticised the housing developer for leaving the estate unfinished more than three years after the first homes were sold.

Persimmon had blamed issues with the drainage which had prevented them from completing the work.

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes North London said today: “We can confirm that works have commenced on the road and drainage remedials.

"Residents were notified in advance, and we hope to conclude the works in the coming weeks.”