THE tactics used by scammers targetting elderly and vulnerable people in Oxfordshire have been revealed by police.

Following a Thames Valley alert warning issued on Friday about a fraudster calling people in Chipping Norton and pretending to be a police officer, the force has now said the scam has also seen victims called by a fake bank official.

To substantiate their claim, police said the caller is sometimes able to confirm easily-obtainable details about the victim such as their full name and address.

They may also offer a telephone number for the victim to call to check that they are genuine, but this number redirects to the fraudster who pretends to be a different person.

After some trust has been established, the scammer will then say money has been removed from a victim’s bank account and staff at their local bank branch are responsible.

Police added scammers may also say a business such as a jewellers or currency exchange is operating fraudulently and they require assistance to help secure evidence.

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Victims are then asked to cooperate in an investigation by going to their bank and withdrawing money, withdrawing foreign currency from an exchange or purchasing an expensive item to hand over to a courier, who will also be a fraudster.

At the time of handover, unsuspecting victims are promised the money will be reimbursed but in reality there is no further contact and the money is never seen again.

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Anyone who receives a call they suspect is a scam is asked to call 101 or 999 in an emergency.