THE BENTLEY belonging to a security boss at the centre of a row over a disabled bay was parked in the spot more than a year ago, satellite maps reveal.

This video from Google Earth appears to show Christian Benn's white car in the spot outside the Kassam Stadium in 2017. 

The security boss has been warned by the centre management there will be 'serious repercussions' if he continues to park there, after disabled man Adrian Todd complained. 

Mr Benn, who does not hold a Blue Badge, told the Oxford Mail that he needed to park there and that Mr Todd 'can't order me to move it'.

Oxford Mail:

Mr Todd, who says rare bone disease Blount's disease makes 'every step' painful, was forced to park further away when he visited the Ozone complex for his son's 16th birthday on October 25.

He claims he has seen the car parked in the bay on several occasions. 

And the map images show the car was using the space as long ago as 7/5/2017, according to mapping data.

Readers have reacted with anger over the story, with one commenter saying: "Disgusting these people of wealth and importance think thay can park anywhere."

One commenter said they had seen the Bentley before, and that it 'seems to park wherever'.

And antother wrote: "It's typical of people that drive around in flash car, seem to think they can park where they like."

Mr Benn defended himself, saying the bay doesn't have disabled markings, and that he uses a walking stick.

Oxford Mail: