You can expect a sound and show like you’ve never seen before,” says bandmaster Dutty Moonshine of his 14 piece collective.

“Styles and sounds you wouldn’t dream work together entwine to create a fantastic blend of jazz meets grime and more,” he goes on. “It’s the 1920s meets the 2020s. Imagine if Duke Ellington grew up with raves in Peckham!”

Mr Moonshine – real name Michael Rack – is back on the road with his extravagant, overwhelmingly Oxford-flavoured party machine.

A jazz band fronted by grime MCs playing everything from garage bangers to swing, The Dutty Moonshine Big Band are a freewheeling supergroup featuring live drums, a seven-piece brass section courtesy of Temple Cowley’s Temple Funk Collective, vocals from Hypeman Sage and Maria Laveau, DJ and production from DJ Binge, guest appearances from Howla on guitar and production and Chessi on Harp and Dutty Moonshine himself – a charismatic carnival ringmaster who grew up with jazz music at home and warehouse raves at the weekend.

A hit at festivals around the land, they are bringing their riotous live show indoors – and tomorrow hit the O2 Academy Oxford.

“The band is made up of several other acts – Temple Funk Collective, Maria Laveau, Hypeman Sage and DJ Binge – which I combined into one big mega act,” says Michael, a successful DJ in his own right, who has toured four continents and entertained thousands up thousands with his take on 1930s grooves meets dirty bass.

“I’d really like to plug their individual acts. All their standalone work is amazing and I chose them all for a reason.

“If ever you see any of those names on a line up go and see them!”

So how has the tour gone so far?

“All the shows have been incredible,” he says.

“Being able to travel around the country and fill up big venues in major cities has been a real experience for us.

“The applause at the end of our London show went on so long we couldn’t thank them for coming, it was impossible to be heard over the non-stop roar even with the mic and massive sound system we had.

“They were so loud it made a normal standing ovation sound like a polite clap at a tea party.”

What the crowd love, of course, is that mash-up of classic 1930s instrumentality and current day party spirit – a lively blend of style, sophistication, edgy rawness and wild hedonism. Think Duke Ellington’s Caravan played as a huge garage banger, 12-bar blues given a drum & bass-flavoured carnival makeover, or a New Orleans funeral song turned into a whisky-soaked mid-tempo breaks dancefloor destroyer.

And the band can’t wait to set foot back in Oxford.

“Ninety percent of the band come from Oxford so it’s super special for us anytime we come back,” he says.

“To play in a city where you attended school and your family are based makes such a difference.

“So many of us have seen the city change and host an incredible roster of artists over the years – and to then be counted as a success story yourself and a valid contribution to the musical export of Oxford is a dream come true.

“We played Common People’s main stage last year and the crowd turn out for just an afternoon set was beyond humbling.”

Their Cowley Road homecoming is the gleaming rum-soaked cherry on the top of an incredible, banging, year.

“There have been so many great moments,” says Michael

“The main stage at Boomtown [festival near Winchester] was our outright highlight so far.

“We played it before, a couple of years ago, but this time the stage turn out was ridiculous.

“The whole arena was packed front to back, side to side. We also had a video go slightly viral from that show of our trombone player crowd surfing while soloing!”

So where will next year take them?

“Well, we have a lot of things that sadly we’re not in a place to announce yet – but put it this way: if you think of us as being near the top of the music B league, for 2019 we’re going to be stepping into the bottom of the A league.

“Some very serious people and players have been attending our tour shows and we’re getting offers for next year that are mind-blowing.

“We’re an independent act who have got to where we are through drive, sacrifice and originality.

“And people are loving it!”

* The Dutty Moonshine Big Band play the O2 Academy Oxford tomorrow

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