'UNSIGHTLY' graffiti has prompted complaints at several locations in Oxford.

In the past week alone, three separate cases of graffiti in the city have been reported to Oxford City Council via the FixMyStreet problem-reporting website.

A complaint about graffiti 'all the way down Meadow Lane' in East Oxford stated: "Some is on public property such as lampposts, bins, fences, the road itself.

"It is unsightly and the fact that nothing is being done despite reports over the past few years means that it is just getting worse."

Another case was reported on the Walton Well Road bridge in Jericho, which the resident who reported the issue said had been painted with anti-graffiti paint to prevent the problem.

Another report was made about graffiti scrawled on a lamppost in Jackdaw Lane, off Iffley Road.

Last year the Oxford Mail revealed that the amount of graffiti reports made to the city council had been sharply rising year on year since 2014.

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At the time, the council said it was clamping down on the issue and city councillor Tom Hayes said 'increased reporting leads to increased removal'.

He noted the 'speed and effectiveness' of the council's removal team.