HEADINGTON residents have been told to dial 999 if a white 40-year-old man knocks on their door asking for money.

Thames Valley Police warned locals after several reports were made to the force of a man ringing doorbells, claiming he needed cash.

The latest incident happened on November 3 at around 11pm.

A man rang the doorbell of a house in Perrin Street, in Headington.

He gave his name as James Stevens and said that he was a neighbour, who needed help because he had locked himself out of the house.

The victim opened the door, and the man went on to explain that his mother had a spare key at her house therefore he needed to borrow some money to get there and pick up the key.

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He insisted on giving his mobile number and asked the victim to call him so he had her number.

The victim gave the man £20, and said he would return the next day to pay the money back, but he did not return.

The man is described as a white man, about 40 years old and approximately 5ft 8.

He is thought to be of a medium build, with short dark brown hair and a short brown beard. He was dressed in dark clothing, and was carrying a black bag.

Thames Valley Police wrote in a statement, that if ‘someone fitting the description does call at your house, do not open the door’.

Instead, residents are urged to call the police on 999.

Fraud advice at police.uk/crime-prevention