LIBERAL Democrat councillors in West Oxfordshire have insisted they remain 'united' after holding a meeting to 'resolve their differences'.

The group met on Tuesday, six days after Witney Liberal Democrats leader Julian Cooper resigned in a district council meeting, citing a 'toxic' speech by colleague Jake Acock calling for a People's Vote on Brexit.

On Friday, the party announced Mr Cooper will stay on as leader until January.

After Tuesday's meeting, chairman Andy Graham said councillors were 'united in putting people first'.

He added: "We will always put the needs of residents at the forefront and will continue to challenge and call the Conservative administrative to account as the main opposition.

"We will fight together for a people-s vote on the final Brexit deal.

"We will work with other parties on an issue-by-issue basis.

"We will ensure training for all our new councillors is supportive and effective."