A PEACEFUL farm was illuminated by a spectacular fire show to wow children and parents alike.

Science Oxford, which is part of independent charity The Oxford Trust, mesmerised more than 100 youngsters at Cogges Manor Farm in Witney on Friday with live demonstrations exploring the science behind fire.

Huge flames and loud noises featured throughout in perfect preparation for Bonfire Night, with exploding custard powder and ‘fire tornados’ among the attractions.

Two shows, one in the morning and one afternoon, left children spellbound and Cogges marketing manager Kim Hall admitted the show captured adults' imagination just as much as children.

She said: “People were expecting to be entertained, but Science Oxford do such a good job of making science fun they learnt something too.

“Everyone walked away saying the fire tornado was the best thing they had ever seen.

“Even parents and grandparents walked away entertained and they definitely knew more than they did at the start.”

The sold-out show was watched by 120 children and aimed to give an exciting but educational introduction to the science behind fire.

Science Oxford’s Roger Blake led demonstrations on flammability, the fire triangle and how kitchen cupboard essentials can help extinguish a flame.

The ‘fire tornado’, which was ignited inside the safety of a glass, was a highlight as Mr Blake explored how the combination of weather and fire can wreak havoc in the wild.

Science Oxford, which is based at the Oxford Centre for Innovation on New Road, is the educational arm of The Oxford Trust.

The trust, founded in 1985, aims to encourage and facilitate the study, application and communication of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Several schools across the county benefit from Science Oxford’s work, from interactive workshops and shows to work experience schemes and visits to local STEM companies in the industry.

Its programmes incorporate the ‘three E’s’: enterprise, education and engagement, which aim to encourage innovation and inspire young people to learn how scientific research impacts their lives.

For more information visit scienceoxford.com