A benefits cheat who falsely claimed more than £3,000 has admitted fraud.

Jesse Wright, 46, failed to declare he was working at McDonalds in Botley Road, Oxford, when he was claiming incapacity, housing and council tax benefits.

Wright, of Lamborough Hill, Wootton, near Abingdon, was caught following a fraud crackdown by the Vale of the White Horse District Council.

Wright, who pleaded guilty, will be sentenced by Didcot magistrates on October 22.

The Vale's executive member of finance, Tony de Vere, said: "Unfortunately a small minority believe it is OK to try to fiddle the system. This deliberate and calculated attempt to fleece money from people who are in much greater need of it will not be tolerated."

Anyone who is aware of a benefit cheat is urged to contact the Vale's Fraud Hotline on 01235 540330.