RESIDENTS in a second East Oxford street are complaining to the city council that wheelie bins are left in an untidy state by binmen on collection day.

Earlier this month, Warwick Street resident Roger Moreton complained that his road had been left a mess following recycling collection.

He said council staff kept putting wheelie bins back on people's paths, which blocked access to the front door, and took a series of photos to prove it.

Recycling managers then took their own photographs of Warwick Street to show that the situation was not as bad as Mr Moreton claimed.

Now, Justin Walden, of Hurst Street, said he had also complained to the council because he felt staff were not taking sufficient care on collection day.

The Currys manager added: "I have complained to the council because of the way the bins in my street have been put back after collection.

"They apologised and said that the collections team had been notified of my complaint.

"A month later I complained again about the way the bins have been thrown back in my garden - it cracked them.

"In July, I called City Works, because my wheelie bin had not been emptied. It took four days and numerous phone calls to sort out.

"The city councillor, Jean Fooks, did contact me and told me the collection teams were told to put bins back in sensible locations.

"I agree with Mr Moreton totally, and believe the collection teams to be very shoddy.

"They can't be bothered to even put the bins back where they find them.

"On the morning of collections, all the bins are in people's front yards, so why can't the collection teams put them back?"

Mrs Fooks, the Liberal Democrat councillor with responsibility for recycling, said earlier that staff had received only a few complaints about wheelie bins not being replaced properly.

Yesterday, she added: "I have just been made aware of Mr Walden's complaint and I will ensure that City Works investigate."