TALES of drowned villages, the occult and water spirits come together tomorrow in what promises to be the oddest – and most fun – night out in town.

Singer-songwriter, musician, performer and broadcaster David Bramwell will present a show about the creepy side of British waterways at Modern Art Oxford alongside avant-garde folk artist You Are Wolf.

The night, one of promoter Vez Hoper's Irregular Folks events, will be part story telling and part music performance.

Bramwell – the man behind the strange but popular Sing-along-a-Wickerman nights –

combines spoken word, music, animation and film for his Cult of Water, presenting a weird, but captivating journey into the occult secrets of our waterways.

The River Don provides the focal point for this evening. Aided by a witch, Jarvis Cocker, and magician-author Alan Moore, Bramwell battles his own thalassophobia (the fear of ‘what lurks beneath’) to unearth little-known stories and myths that surround our rivers.

You Are Wolf – aka avant-folk artist Kerry Andrew – continues the watery journey exploring the theme of freshwater folklore as she performs her new album Keld, with multi-instrumentalist Sam Hall and percussionist Peter Ashwell.

Her hauntingly beautiful electronica-tinged arrangements delve into traditional and original songs with tales of banshees and water sprites, vengeful rivers and wild swimming.

The night ties in with the gallery's Future Knowledge season combining art and environmental awareness.

Irregular Folks promoter Vez Hoper said: "This is perfect for a Halloween tinged evening!

"I am feeling very excited. It's been fantastic to be able to collaborate with Modern Art Oxford and a real honour to have been invited to take part in their amazing Future Knowledge season. I mean, what a great theme – exploring the role of visual artists' work in helping raise awareness of change.

"David Bramwell and You Are Wolf are the perfect paring for this spooky fresh water journey.

"David will be plunging us into all kinds of strange stories about the waterways of the UK, and Kerry is going to treat us to her incredible mastery with weaving in old folk songs into modern electronic sounds – with loop pedal and live instrumentation.

"It's going to whisk people away into a very other worldly place indeed.

"I can't wait! It's perfect as an alternative Halloween."

She said the venue, beneath the gallery space, was perfect for the show.

"Irregular Folks gigs are always fascinated with presenting performances in a visual way and this will show that brilliantly – in the lovely intimate setting of that cosy room downstairs at Modern Art Oxford.

"I've sat there in that space many a time dreaming up ideas of what I'd like to programme there and how I'd present it. Now, like so many other of the Irregular Folks, shows, the dream is about to come true.

"The shows only happen when exactly the right line-up comes together – and this is one of those occasions."

Tickets from modernartoxford.org.uk or on the door.

You can check out You Are Wolf's new album Keld at youarewolf.bandcamp.com/album/keld