A number 35 bus caught fire in Kennington last night, with passengers reporting 'a horrible smell' before it burst into flames.

Oxford Bus Company has apologised to passengers and is investigating the cause of the sudden fire at 8.55pm.

One passenger told the Oxford Mail: "The bus started to smoke and leak a horrible smell.

"We reached Manor Grove, Kennington and were rushed off the bus.

"Seconds later the smoke increased and soon came fire. Everyone was worried and oncoming cars we stopping and asking what had happened.

"The smoke and fire got bigger and more dangerous."

Oxford Mail:

The city35 bus is operated by Oxford Bus Company and runs from Oxford to Abingdon roughly every 20 minutes.

Witnesses described seeing a fire engine arriving about 10 minutes later to douse the flames.

No one was injured. 

An Oxford Bus Company spokesman said: “We confirm there was a fire on Bus 307.

"Our in-built detection system identified an issue in the engine compartment and the driver safely evacuated all the passengers immediately without injury.

"The emergency services arrived at the scene at 9.12pm and we are now carrying out a full investigation to identify the cause.

"We apologise to the passengers who were on the bus and to anyone inconvenienced by the subsequent delays.” 

Oxford Mail:

The passenger told the Oxford Mail that she is worried about the same thing happening again.

She added: "Considering I ride this bus every day to and from Oxford it has made me very confused as to how this has happened and will it happen again?"

It is not the first time an Oxford bus service has caught fire during a journey.

In May, an Oxford Tube coach - operated by Stagecoach - was forced to pull over on the M40 after it started pumping out black smoke.

Oxford Mail:

And another Stagecoach service was pictured in flames on Oxford's Eastern Bypass last May. 

Oxford Mail:

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