DON'T let the grey hairs fool you – Roger Barber isn't about to slow down.

In his racing car-red mobility scooter, the peppy pensioner zips around Wantage with easy speed.

Yesterday, however, he was one of a number of scooter users who tested their skills on an obstacle course designed to improve safety.

With 24 mobility scooter users injured while on their vehicles in Oxfordshire in the past five years and one fatal accident, Wantage Fire Station launched its driver safety course earlier this year.

Watch manager Sean Miene explained that the scheme aims to improve users' driving skills but also make them more aware of their responsibilities to other road users.

The courses have already been popular, and now Oxfordshire County Council is hoping to roll them out across the county.

Speaking at Wantage yesterday Mr Miene said: "I hope this group of mobility scooter users increases so that we can educate more people and learn from their experiences.

"This could be a model for each town or village in our county. It is a fantastic initiative and opportunity. The users enjoy meeting new people and attending the workshops."

For more information email or phone 07469 937 982.