LABOUR councillors in West Oxfordshire have called for Witney MP Robert Courts to support a People's Vote on Brexit.

Six district councillors joined Laura Price, county councillor for Witney South & Central, in penning an open letter asking Mr Courts to 'represent his constituents'.

West Oxfordshire voted to remain in the European Union, but the Conservative MP, a former parliamentary private secretary to the foreign office, favours leaving the EU.

The letter said: "As your constituents, we want you to know that we believe that the Brexit deal now being proposed, by your government, will be a disaster for our country, a disaster that nobody voted for because it is a million miles away from what was promised two years ago.

"Not only will it damage our NHS, economy and living standards, it will also leave us with less control over the European rules that we will still be required to follow."

It continues: "If we leave the EU with this bad deal or no deal, the impact will be felt across our constituency and our country for generations. West Oxfordshire voted to remain in the European Union and as our MP you have a duty to represent the voice of our community."

The Oxford Mail asked Mr Courts specific questions about his position on Brexit, but he ignored them.

Liberal Democrat district councillors Andy Graham and Jake Acock will propose a motion to 'endorse' the People's Vote at today's council meeting.