VILLAGERS are spluttering with rage at a property developer’s ‘inconsiderate’ lack of effort to clean up after itself.

Bellway is building 116 homes across two sites in North Leigh, near Witney, but residents have complained lorries leaving the developments are spreading dust all over their roads.

Harry St John, West Oxfordshire district councillor for North Leigh, claims this is due to site staff's failure to clean lorries’ wheels before they leave the site.

Bellway has now started cleaning trucks’ wheels and also uses a road sweeper to clear the dust, but Mr St John claimed this was having little effect.

He said: “Their road sweeper is so antiquated it's embarrassing.

“The difficulty is forcing them to toe the line, they don’t seem to take any notice.

“We all accept they’ve got to build houses but they can’t run the operation without some consideration for the existing people that live here.

“They’re not doing what they should - it’s an absolute disgrace.”

Mr St John said the problem began earlier this year when residents became concerned about the impact of dust during the dry, hot summer.

The district councillor and Liam Walker, county councillor for the division, both contacted the site manager as the dust covered large parts of the village.

But the issue came to a head last week when wet weather turned the dust to mud, adding a layer of frustration to villagers’ complaints.

Although site staff began spraying lorries’ wheels on Friday, Mr St John argued this should have been in place from the start.

He said: “People’s windows, wheels and cars are covered in dust and when we got some rain the roads were absolutely smothered in mud.

“It was potentially really dangerous for drivers because it’s quite a bendy bit of road.

“They are showing willing but for me it’s inadequate.”

Bellway was approached for comment.