Sir - I recently took a trip down the B-road with foreign visitors to Oxford towards Wallingford and Nettlebed: "The England of the films", said the visitor.

The two overarching metaphors of Oxford are Garsington-Bloomsbury and the car works in Cowley: the universities, as the Dearing and other more recent reports have said, are clearly bastions of privilege.

Garsington-Bloomsbury through Eliot and Lawrence, Yeats and Huxley, and Russell and Keynes opened up arts and culture, politics and economics: the car factory opened up mobility to the public.

But the problem now is 'mass society', as Huxley saw in Brave New World, will bury itself in materialism: the rural landscape scene from the old churchyard at Garsington should not be buried under suburbia: it is one of Oxford's most precious assets. Build the houses in the Duchy of Cornwall.

Peter Galpin, Oxford