Sir - I would like to comment on the recycling collection arrangements for Oxford city. We are very much in support of recycling, and welcome it in all its forms, but . . .

Owing to the very exceptional damp weather, several shrubs in our smallish city garden have succumbed to fungal infections, which are endemically present in the soil. To dispose of these would be wrong to place the cut-up remains in our green garden bags and assign them to composting via the council scheme. Responsibly, I rang the council to inquire what to do, seeing that burning them (as gardening books suggest) is not an option in Oxford city and we don't have space to burn anyhow. I was advised to bag up the remains and put them out for landfill.

Having done so, I was told by the refuse collectors themselves that they could not - or would not - take then, even though the council had thus advised. They gave three reasons.

1. They said it was "green waste" - I explained why it was unsuitable for composting 2. They said I had "put out too much rubbish"

3. They said they were only to take two bags and would not carry this much (six bags, but I do not usually put out six bags!) to the van.

Does the council totally lack imagination about recycling and refuse collection? One fortnightly empty of the wheelie-bin and boxes cannot cover all eventualities and if the men don't do what the council advises: what are the options?

I fear that people will resort, from laziness or despair, to criminal activities, such as dumping in the countryside.

And are we expected, if we don't drive, and possess a suitable vehicle, merely to keep the waste on our property? And be condemned for untidy appearance?

Mrs C. M. Weiner, Oxford