Sir - I was delighted to read on the front page (September 7) that the university is considering a bicycle loan scheme similar to that in Paris. I have long thought that it could work really well in Oxford. It would be fantastic if this initiative could lead to a public scheme with hire bikes available from all park-and-ride car parks and many other places.

I live in Thame and, during the summer holidays, I took two of my children into Oxford to go to a meeting near university parks. The buses were held up by road works at The Plain, so I chose to put the bikes on the car and to cycle in from the park-and-ride. My daughters loved this and it was so quick and easy that we arrived in good time for our appointment.

We also felt better for the early morning exercise. Next time I might be able to persuade my daughters to cycle the whole way! Hire bikes that were easily accessible would encourage more people to do the same as we did and it would cut congestion and pollution in the city.

Cathy Gaulter-Carter , Thame