REPORTS of violent crime, sex offences and robberies in the Thames Valley have soared in the past year.

In the 12 months up to the end of June, overall reported crime in the region rose by eight per cent to 154,497 cases, with complaints of violent crime up 24 per cent to 38,634 reports.

Calls to police about sexual offences went up 15 per cent to 5,114 while stalking and harrassment rocketed 76 per cent to 5,473 reports.

Robbery reports shot up 32 per cent to 1,432, and recorded burglaries were also up two per cent at 12,782.

The rise in reported sexual offences may partly be down to the change in attitudes over such crimes prompted by the Jimmy Savile revelations and the #metoo movement.

The Office for National Statistics figures released yesterday show that just three types of crime did not see an increase in reporting: ‘theft from person’ dropped four per cent (to 3,482), shoplifting was down eight per cent (to 16,160) and bike theft reports stayed level at 6,366.

In a statement, Thames Valley Police said it had indeed seen more people having the confidence to report 'historically hidden crime' such as domestic abuse, sexual crime and stalking and harassment.

Deputy chief constable John Campbell said: "Thames Valley Police, like other forces across the country, has seen an increase in recorded crime, as shown in figures released by the Office for National Statistics.

"The reasons for crime recording fluctuations are unfortunately quite complex. Some of this is definitely linked to changes in crime recording but we have seen people having more confidence to report historically hidden crime such as domestic abuse, sexual crime and also stalking and harassment.

"That said we did see a spike in burglary last year but are thankfully seeing those numbers come down across the Force. Similarly although we are coming from generally low numbers we have seen an increase in robberies.

"Compared to other parts of the UK the Thames Valley remains a safe place to live with low crime rates and figures from the ONS highlights the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime has fallen, as only 2 in 10 adults were a victim of crime this year compared to 4 in 10 in 1995."

Percentage change in reported offences in the Thames Valley (actual numbers in brackets)

Overall crime: 8 (154,497)

Violence against the person: 24 (38,634)

Homicide: - (19)

Violence with injury: 14 (14,552)

Violence without injury: 21 (18,570)

Stalking and harassment: 76 (5,473)

Death or serious injury unlawful driving: - (20)

Sexual offences: 15 (5,114)

Robbery: 32 (1,432)

Theft offences: 2 (75,380)

Burglary: 2 (12,782)

Vehicle offences: 12 (15,871)

Theft from person: -4 (3,482)

Bicycle theft: 0 (6,366)

Shoplifting: -8 (16,160)

All other theft: 4 (20,719)

Criminal damage and arson: 3 (19,576)

Drug offences: 10 (5,030)

Possession of weapons offences: 6 (1,264)

Public order offences: 19 (5,249)

Miscellaneous crimes against society: 23 (2,818)