DRIVERS have been warned to expect more delays in Headington as four roads are closed for the next phase in major roadworks.

In the latest Access to Headington works, Marsh Lane, Copse Lane, Derwent Avenue and Marston Road will all be shut at various times over the next three weeks.

The closures, to allow for re-surfacing, are expected to end on November 9.

The first set of closures – Marsh Lane, Copse Lane and Derwent Avenue – all near Headley Way – came into force this week and the roads will remain closed until Sunday.

That is when the second phase will then begin, until October 31.

During this phase only Marston Road, near Headley Way, will be shut.

In the last phase of the three-step road revamp, Marsh Lane, Copse Lane and Derwent Avenue will close again and diversions will be back in place from November 1 – 9.

Access to Headington is a £16m project which Oxfordshire County Council claims will improve roads for cyclists, pedestrians and bus users.

It also says traffic flow will be improved with new 'intelligent' traffic signals.

During phase one and three of the latest closures, where the same three roads will be shut, signs will be directing vehicles away from Cherwell Drive to Marston Ferry Road, Banbury Road, Elsfield Way, the Northern Bypass, Marsh Lane and vice-versa.

During the second phase, at the end of the month, traffic will be sent from Marston Road in the direction of Headington Road and Headley Way.

The only two exceptions of traffic flow during the major roadworks will be for workers accessing the sites and emergency services.

Access to Headington work started in October 2016 and is expected to continue until March 2019.

Last week, the Oxford Mail reported on Access to Headington ‘causing a nightmare’ for shops and businesses on Cherwell Drive, including the BP garage which ran out of petrol.