I have had the pleasure to serve as a Muslim Imam in Oxford for nearly four years. Fortunately, the city has not been punctured by the sharp claws of the anti-immigration movement - but our country certainly has.

Recent studies say anti-immigration sentiment was a contributing factor to the UK's desire to leave the European Union. For example, the Frontiers in Psychology journal published a paper concluding that anti-immigration prejudice and xenophobia in the UK were major factors for Brexit.

But most of us already know this.

What we may not know, or rather admit, is that the anti-immigration war cry is often merely a front that masks Islamophobia in the UK.

I feel the real issue for those pushing the far right agenda is a fear of Islam and the fact that the vast majority of immigrants fleeing to Europe are Muslims fleeing from war torn counties in the Middle East.

I fear the far right movements springing up across the UK and wider Europe view Islam as incompatible with Western values; they strive to propagate the belief that Muslims are unable to successfully integrate into the West and are a threat to other citizens.

But are they? Are Muslims truly a threat to the West? I feel that a majority of the citizens of Oxford, a place known across the world for its intellectual rigour, do not believe this. But this thought is indeed creeping into the hearts of scores of Brits and Europeans.

As a British Imam, I would like to make it clear that the Muslims who follow the teachings of true Islam are in no way a threat to the UK. Take the Muslims of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, whose motto is “Love for All, Hatred for None.”

Since 1908, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community has been led by a series of Caliphs. Caliphate is another term which is often misunderstood, amongst a whole number of other issues.

I serve as an Imam for this community which, for over 100 years, has been at the very forefront of promoting peace, brotherhood, love and compassion here in the UK. This community has not seen a single case of youth radicalisation or terrorism in the history of its 130 year inception.

Not only do Muslims have a responsibility to look after the society at large, but the Holy Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace, who was the founder of Islam, also taught to look after thy neighbour.

In light of this teaching, myself and members from the mosque hand out chocolates and season’s greeting cards to our neighbours and partake in the community’s national initiative in visiting the elderly who do not have any support or family during the Christmas festive season.

We also regularly gather the local youth of Oxford and set foot onto our local streets armed with black bags and litter pickers ready to clean the beautiful city we live in.

Our mosques remain open for all, to help break down barriers and build trust, integration and cohesion by enabling a better understanding of Islamic beliefs and their role in modern life.

In Oxford, we invite friends, colleagues and neighbours to join us at Annual Peace Symposiums, which is full this year.

More than 800 guests attend the event, including Secretaries of State, parliamentarians, diplomats, faith and civic leaders as well as representatives from numerous charities and faith communities.

Guests hear what true Islam, the Islam practised by the Holy Founder, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, actually looks like and what the Islamic Scripture, the Holy Quran, actually says about peace and humanity.

The Holy Quran teaches us Muslims that there is no compulsion in religion, and therefore it is only through love and good action that we endeavour to spread what we believe to be the message of God.

We invite all to come join us and maybe learn a little more about what we understand to be the true and pure teachings of Islam.