A SCHOOL has threatened to publish photos of parents' 'inconsiderate' parking if the problem persists.

North Kidlington Primary School sent out a newsletter on Friday stating: "Unfortunately, we had a parking incident outside of school yesterday at pick-up.

"One of our neighbours was unable to leave their house [due] to an inconsiderately and illegally parked car. When asked to move, the driver was very rude.

"Not only is this dangerous for our children, it is damaging to the good relationships we have with the community around us.

"I have pictures and they will be put in the newsletter if this happens again."

Many schools in Oxfordshire regularly mention parking issues in their parent newsletters, urging people to be considerate of safety and other road users.

This time last year, headteachers in the county warned that 'chaos' on the school run was creating a dangerous situation.

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