THE memory of 'one of the best known Irishmen in Oxford' will forever live on in Marston, Oxford, as a memorial bench is unveiled.

Billy Munnelly died in July 2017, age 70, but was known to many for playing a huge part in Gaelic football and Aunt Sally in the city.

He came to Oxford as a teenager in the 1960s and was involved with the Eire Og Oxford Irish Gaelic football and hurling club for more than 50 years.

He also raised thousands of pounds for charitable causes over the years and as such became a well-known face to many in Oxford.

Now his memory has been sealed in the very foundations of the city as a memorial bench has been put up in Marston.

Oxford City councillor Mick Haines has been calling for the bench to be installed in a nod to the late Irishman.

The bench now stands proudly in Croft Road Recreation Ground, in Croft Road.