RESIDENTS of Oxford's largest estate are calling for people to stand together and put the past behind them after being rocked by a murder trial.

As four men are sentenced today for the 'savage' killing of Christopher Lemonius in Blackbird Leys, plans are afoot to stage a day of reconciliation and remembrance in an attempt to move on.

People who live near the alleyway off Jourdain Road, where the 27-year-old was beaten to death in June 2017, have spoken of their relief at seeing the trial finally come to an end.

Lifelong Blackbird Leys resident Paul Brackett said: "It still hurts me to talk about it to be honest.

"It's been hanging in the air over all of us for so long.

"We've known the families involved for years and we're all asking ourselves how we got to this point - where violence was seen as the solution.

"It's up to us to show that what happened is not representative of Blackbird Leys, it's not who we are.

"Our community is built on respect and looking after each other and now we've got to move on and try to put it all behind us."

Mr Brackett and his friend Deo Favente, a community activist and MC, are planning to hold the event in the community centre in the near future and want others to volunteer to help organise it.

Mr Brackett said he hoped the day would be both a chance to remember and a gesture to help heal conflicts and send out a 'positive, vibrant message.'

Blackbird Leys Parish Council chairman John Dillon said: "We all hate to see the estate back in headlines when something like this happens.

"Violence is not a problem that is exclusive to Blackbird Leys and many of the issues are caused by people coming on to the estate from elsewhere.

"It's good to see the case resolved but so tragic that it's come to this.

"The police and others have put a lot of effort in to tackling crime and violence and it is having an effect without a doubt.

"We've come a long way from the 'bad old days' and are proud to live here.

"The estate is about so much more than violence."

Mr Brackett said the day of remembrance will feature live music and speeches.

He hopes to bring together various musicians and community activists who have all agreed that such an event needs to take place.

Anyone who wants to get involved in organising the event can get in contact with Mr Brackett by leaving a message for him at the community centre.