WOMEN who are being made homeless just before Christmas have hit-out after 'promised' cash for new homes is being held back until 10 days after they have moved out.

The ladies, who have been given an eviction notice for the rooms at Oxford's only all-female social housing accommodation, say they can't move out without the £1,500 cash which was offered to them for 'unexpected' moving costs like a deposit for a new place.

Seraphina Lorell, who has lived in Farndon Court on Woodstock Road for almost three years, said: " We were told it is for deposits but they won't hand it out. I can't move without the payment. I'm not asking for anything other than what they've promised.

"I had a place, but lost it as no deposit.

"I live paycheck to paycheck, if I managed to save anything it would be a miracle."

Housing association Catalyst, that took over Farndon Court on the Woodstock Road from the YWCA, explained that the decision had been made to sell the building to a company that could afford to 'make it modern'.

This week the residents got an email from Catalyst, that wrote: "We will not be paying this goodwill payment until notice has been given and we have the keys back I'm afraid. And this will take around 10 working days to process."

It explained to the Oxford Mail: "We’re being flexible and have offered to liaise with landlords after viewings so that the women can guarantee this payment to them.

So for example, you could find somewhere you like, we could speak to the landlord to say the money will be with them shortly and we would start processing the money as soon as you have handed your notice in to move to this new place."