A MOTHER has hit out at an NHS trust after her young son was left in agony following a dental operation at an Oxfordshire hospital.

Dentists at the Horton General in Banbury chipped 7-year-old Corey Ramsay’s teeth during a corrective surgery following a car accident when he was four.

However, mother Natalie Ramsay, from Witney, said she was furious to only find out her son’s permanent teeth had been damaged in the August 16 operation when the family received a letter from Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust apologising for the blunder.

Corey, a pupil at Witney Primary School, has now been left in almost constant pain, preventing him from sleeping and eating properly.

Mrs Ramsay said: “We just have to use hot water bottles or anything we can - when that doesn’t work he just cries.

“He’s up at 3 o clock in the morning with the pain - even his school said they’ve seen a difference in him, he’s so tired all the time.

“At the time dentists just told us everything went OK and everything went according to plan.”

Mrs Ramsey said the family dentist cannot carry out further corrective work saying they have to now wait for the same Oxford Health dental team to carry out the repair.

Corey suffered serious injuries after being knocked down by a car when he was four-years-old.

As well as injuries to his legs, he also lost almost the whole bottom row of his teeth.

And after undergoing initial treatment in 2015, Corey was left in discomfort with the pain i his mouth eventually getting to the point where Mrs Ramsay demanded that her son have a further operation to relieve it.

Mrs Ramsay said: “We were on the waiting list at the JR but it got so bad I even contacted social services to see if they could help get him seen quicker.

“They told us they could do it up at the Horton quicker, but it’s actually turned out doing him more damage.”

She added: “They now want to take out his adult teeth. – he’s only 7.”

Mrs Ramsay added: “The fact I let them do an operation on my son and that the mistake is going to affect him when he’s older, it really upsets me."

Mrs Ramsey said she is still waiting for a phone call from the trust to find out how her son's permanent teeth were damaged in the op.

An Oxford Health spokesperson said: “We are sorry this has happened and have written to the family to apologise.

“While we are unable to comment in detail on individual cases, when incidents of this nature do sadly arise we promptly inform patients and their families.

“We are investigating fully to establish the facts, we will implement any learning arising from the investigation and we will share our findings with the family “