OXFORD United are investigating after reports of crushing outside the Kassam stadium.

Fans coming out of the ground after the clash with Manchester City complained after being funnelled into a small area to avoid the premier league champions' team bus.

Barriers placed around the bus, which was already parked outside the players' entrance at the end of the game, constricted the amount of space for the capacity crowd to get out towards the car parks.

People were also trying to get through in the other direction leaving little space for the thousands of fans to move.

A 68-year-old supporter, who asked not to be named, said she felt 'crushed in the middle and described it as a 'frightening' experience.

She has made a complaint to the club and has demanded they explain the rationale behind putting up barriers in a 'essential thoroughfare.'

Others said they felt claustrophobic in the crowds and people were seen falling over in the melee with reports of elderly people 'struggling.'

Supporters shouted at stewards and the police to move the metal barriers and create more space but they replied this wasn't possible.

At one point a hedge had to be ripped open to allow fans to escape while others resorted to crawling under the hedges in order to get out.

Nearly 12,000 people attended the high profile game - the first time the stadium has been full since the visit of Newcastle in January 2017.

Club bosses have reassured fans that they take safety at the ground 'very seriously' and are investigating what happened 'as a matter of urgency.'