THE Liberal Democrat candidate in a county council by-election has urged voters to back her Green Party rival.

Josie Procter, who will stand for the Lib Dems in the Iffley Fields and St Mary's by-election on October 18, has told residents to support David Williams.

She said: “Iffley Fields and St Mary’s has been my home for four years and its representation on the county council is very important to me. This election will be extremely close and the current Conservative administration on the county council needs a strong and diverse opposition to hold it to account.

“Labour have propped up the Conservatives on the county council time and time again, just as they have nationally on Brexit."

She added: "We need the parties who take their opposition responsibilities seriously to stand up for our area and ensure we have a healthy diversity of opinion."

Mr Williams was the county councillor for the division until he lost to former Labour councillor Helen Evans in 2017. Ms Evans resigned her seat in August because she will be moving to South Oxfordshire.

Last year, the Lib Dems won 222 votes but Ms Evans won by only 199 in the division so the endorsement could be significant.

Mr Williams added: “In this by-election voters have a real chance to put a Green councillor back on the county council who has a clear history of always standing up to the cuts and a record of campaigning against Brexit.”