IS your vocabulary sick, or are you still so lacking in wokeness that you think such a phrase would mean it is 'in ill health'?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is seeking to end any confusion by launching a campaign to enlighten the nation about modern-day slang.

With the rise of online conversations meaning it is increasingly difficult to track changes in young people's language, it has become the subject of an appeal for clarification.

Words including 'dank', 'lit', 'GOAT' and 'peng' are expected to make an appearance during the campaign, with the OED asking for explanation on 'this distinctive vocabulary used by children and teenagers, whether you use the words yourselves or are bemused by them'.

On the website explaining the appeal, the organisation writes: "Bare people confuse twitter for real life... Friday is going to be the BUSIEST day of my life I think, bare things poppin’ off.

"If you understand all that, then you may be able to help with our latest appeal. We want to hear about the unique words and expressions that children and young people use."

On Twitter, Jack Plumb wrote: "Tubby good idea, although collecting it all is a bit long. Gonna need a tonk database, especially for all the words I'm unsure if I made up or not."

Fellow user @Pete15168110 added: "Heard 13 yr old son use ‘Peng munch’ which apparently means nice food".

To contribute, visit or tweet using the hashtag #youthslangappeal.