OXFORD is jointly the most expensive place in the UK to be cremated, a new study has shown.

The basic fee for a cremation at Oxford Crematorium in Headington is £1,070, placing the city joint top with nine other crematoriums across the UK in terms of costs.

According to the report from Oxford-based online urns supplier Urns for Ashes, fees at the other two crematoriums in the county, South Oxfordshire Crematorium and Memorial Park in Abingdon and Banbury Crematorium, are also above the national average, with prices beginning at £950 and £875 respectively.

The average fee in the UK is £783.18.

While, compared to Oxford, it is almost £700 cheaper to be cremated in Belfast which has the cheapest basic fee at £364.

The report, entitled 'Can you afford to die' examined the rising crematroium fees in the UK which it says have risen by 766 per cent since 1990.

Crematorium fees have risen in Oxford by 7.11 per cent between 2017 and 2018, while in Abingdon they rose by 3.83 per cent and in Banbury by 4.79 per cent.

As of January 2018, the average total cost of a cremation service in Oxford £3,572, while despite a lower basic fee, the average cost in Abingdon was £3,613.

In Banbury the average cost is £3,448.

There were 4,190 cremations in total across Oxfordshire last year.

All figures are accurate as of January 2018.

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Stuart Cox, corporate communications manager Dignity PLC, which runs Oxford Crematorium, said: “People tell us that the most important factor in organising a cremation funeral is being able to book a venue that allows them sufficient time to pay their respects to loved ones. To avoid the “conveyor belt” feeling that you may get at other crematoria we have service slots of 60 minutes.

"Many other crematoria across the UK only provide 30 or 40 minute slots. Compared on a price per minute basis the fee at Oxford Crematorium is £17.83 which is consistent with the national average.

"Our fee also includes components that our competitors often charge separately for, such as legal and practical necessities.

"We have already committed to not increasing our prices this year.

"Our fee structure gives families a number of choices at different price levels and services are available from £499."