FORMER international motorcycle speedway rider Dag Lovaas joined fans in a nostalgic visit to Oxford Stadium on Friday.

The rider from Norway, broke away from his UK tour, to visit the site of old success for Mr Lovaas and was given a tour by his fans.

Mr Lovaas led the Midland Cup winning team in what was thought to be the last season of speedway at Oxford Stadium.

Two people who campaigned for it to remain open Keith Lawson and Ann Booker were there on Friday to reminisce with the speedway great.

Mr Lawson said: “Many happy memories were exchanged during the tour of the track.”

The campaigning pair say they are now part of the ‘current SOS fighters’ hoping to see speedway returned to Oxford.

The Sandy Lane stadium has long been empty since 2012 after developers were thwarted in their attempts to build housing on the site.

The six-year battle to bring back speedway was given a boost in March when Oxford City Council released a report which found there was a business case to resurrect the sport.

But campaigners say they are ‘fed up’ with the lack of progress.