PET SHOPS, kennels and animal training schools will soon be rated on a five star scale and have to advertiser their results.

New legislation will come into effect from October as part of The Animal Welfare Regulations Act 2018 hoping for more transparency in the pet industry.

It will mean each business is rated from one to five and the result published online for customers.

Cherwell District Council is urging people to ensure they have the correct license by October 1 following the changes.

The council's lead member for health and wellbeing Andrew McHugh said: “We are a district of animal lovers and we like to think we have bought our pets from other animal lovers and that kennels and catteries are also run by people who love animals, but sadly this is not always the case.

“These unscrupulous businesses keep pets-for-sale and pets-in-care in dirty, unsanitary or confined conditions. This new legislation, with its five-star rating system, will empower the consumer to avoid the unscrupulous traders and allow us to do more for the animals."

The legislation will bring about a host of new rules and regulations for the pet industry including new rules on selling animals.

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