STUNNING webs of wheel spokes and a myriad of transport modes were snapped by our Camera Club members this week.

The theme of ‘wheels’ inspired a diverse array of photographs, from fairground rides to chunky vintage tractor tyres.

We were inundated with submissions and many depicted bike wheels, with one even one attached upside-down to a lamppost in Oxford.

One of our favourite bike images was taken by James Ruderford, who managed to capture the blurred wheels of a moving cyclist with a stationary bike in the background.

Anthony Morris sent a series of shots of airborne bike wheels, with BMX riders clinging on to the handlebars in mid air.

Several sent in pictures of the wheels of cogs inside clock faces and wooden water wheels at old mills.

Moving to the wheels on motor vehicles, Melissa Standbridge captured a striking shot of the wheels of a car mirrored inside another car wheel.

Vintage rallies and the car show at Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace also provided material for more wonderful wheels, showing the evolution of its appearance throughout eras of car-making.

The wheely wacky antics of unicyclists and roller skaters were put into sharp relief by a poignant and poetic picture sent in by Darrell Godliman of a cyclist enjoying a beautiful sunset over the coast of Croatia.

Although the subject being centred seems to ignore the photographic 'rule of thirds' which so many sweat by, the fact that the exhausted-looking rider and indeed the setting sun are to the left over centre draws the eye.

It's not hard to imagine oneself in that scene, on a beautiful Mediterranean summer holiday... a far cry, perhaps, from some of the rusty and muddy spokes in this week's spread!

As always, see tomorrow's Oxford Mail for this week's grand prize winner!

In the meantime, there is the matter of our next theme.

This week we have once again decided to take a suggestion from camera club member Lesley Adams, who has challenged her fellow photographers to get snaps on the theme of 'teaching and learning'.

So give it a go – it's as easy as riding a bike!

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