REACTION has continued to pour in following the announcement of the government's preferred choice of 'corridor' for the £3.5bn Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England Oxfordshire opposed building the road and says the 'vague' nature of the plans are 'unhelpful'.

In a statement, it said: "We do believe Corridor B is an acceptable choice. It does not maximise existing highways and serves no existing towns other than Winslow, and perhaps Bicester, necessitating the building of further roads and encouraging further development.

"The choice of sub-options will be critical as all the routes will involve significant impacts on the Oxford Green Belt and open countryside. In our view, Sub-Corridor S1 (A34) would provide a least worst option."

But a National Infrastructure Commission spokesman welcomed the plans, and said: “We are pleased to see progress in defining the corridor for this vital link.

“If aligned with improved rail links, this could help unlock much-needed homes in the area, helping to secure its economic future for decades.”

There was relief among the North Otmoor Expressway Group and Save Otmoor groups that Otmoor would not be impacted by development.

But city council Green Group Leader Craig Simmons slated the proposals. He said: "The proposed new Expressway will be an unmitigated environmental disaster. "At a time when we need to be promoting and investing in sustainable transport, this scheme is designed around private cars. It is shocking that the council's Labour group refused to oppose the Expressway in July."