A JILTED middle-aged woman who took revenge on her former boyfriend by posting naked photos and abusive comments about him on social media, was given a suspended jail sentence on Thursday.

Auburn-haired Amanda Robson received saucy pictures from a man during a three-year fling in which more than 74,000 messages were exchanged.

However, when he dumped 53-year-old Robson, of Didcot, she discovered that he already had a partner and she embarked on a vile campaign of revenge porn, adding what a judge described as 'snide and sneery' comments to postings.

Oxford Crown Court heard that photos the mental health nurse posted on social media showed her ex-boyfriend masturbating and lying in naked poses on a bed. 

She placed emojis over his penis and buttocks and uploaded them to social media with the hashtags "liar, cheat and mug."

However, she left everything uncovered in a video of him masturbating and attached another hashtag and his work place.

Judge Ian Pringle heard that all the images had initially been sent to her during their long-distance romance. When the victim sent her a solicitor's letter asking her to leave him alone, she stepped up the abuse.

Today Robson sat in the dock at Oxford to be sentenced for posting revenge porn and harassing Mr Robson and his partner, Susan McPherson.

She was given a six month prison sentence, suspended for two years and told not to contact her victims ever again.

Oliver Wellings, prosecuting, told the court that Amanda Robson had started the relationship with the man in 2014.

He said: "It was casual in origin and became sexual and not a particularly regular relationship. During the course of the relationship the victim sent her images of an intimate and personal nature including a video of himself.

"The relationship broke down and the defendant's behaviour turned volatile towards him.

"When, in July 2017, the complainant sought the advice of a solicitor and sent a legal letter telling her to desist from the harassment, the behaviour escalated," said the prosecutor.

"The defendant posted on Instagram a picture of the victim with an emoji covering his penis. Another photo showed him naked from the front with an emoji covering his penis with the hashtag 'liar, cheat and mug.'

"Another photograph was of the victim laying on his front with his buttocks exposed, with the hashtag of 'complete ass.'  A video was posted to Twitter of him masturbating with a hashtag and the name of his work place."

Mr Wellings said Robson's attention then turned to her ex-boyfriend's new partner, with abusive tweets and messages referring to her Scottish heritage.

Lucy Tappers, mitigating, said that Amanda Robson was devastated by the break-up and was angry and frustrated by what she considered to be a fully fledged relationship which he at first denied ever having with her.

Robson also found out that he was already in a relationship with his new partner while cultivating a relationship with her, the court heard.

Miss Tapper said: "Few people would want to be judged on their actions when they are particularly upset at the end of a relationship.

"My client met his friends and family and his son and, from the messages she was sent - 74,000 - between the pair from when they woke up to when they went to bed, she believed they were in a committed relationship.

"She says she felt she had wasted three years of her life and would never have embarked on the relationship if she knew he was already in one."

Sentencing Robson, Judge Pringle said that she had begun to pester the couple before the harassment escalated.

He said that Parliament had brought in laws precisely because of people posting private images after a break-up.

Turning to Robson, he said: "You posted images of a private sexual nature and you accompanied these images with snide and sneery comments."

Revenge porn was made illegal in the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 and offenders have regularly been tried and convicted since. However the majority have been male.

Bespectacled Robson, of Roebuck Court, Didcot, dressed in a black velvet jacket and skirt, had admitted two counts of harassment between July 6 and October 24 last year and posting revenge porn.

Apart from the suspended jail term she was also ordered to complete 25 hours of rehabilitation activity.