A SINKHOLE that has opened up in Broad Street is thought to have been caused by a 'mud-filled medieval ditch', investigations have concluded. 

The development means the road is unlikely to be reopen again until Tuesday, September, 11 - more than a week after it was first shut off. 

Oxford Direct Services, on behalf of the County Council, and Thames Water have been investigating since the hole first appeared on Monday evening. 

Oxford Mail:

In an update, spokesman for Oxford Direct Services Tony Ecclestone said drainage faults had been ruled out and they now believe the ditch is what has caused the road to collapse. 

He said: "Oxford Direct Services, in conjunction with Thames Water, have investigated the sinkhole.

"They have ruled out drainage faults and believe the cause may be related to a mud-filled medieval ditch in this area.

"A more substantial site fence is being installed today.

"The hole will be filled with foam concrete after which the road surface is reinstated. Oxford Direct Services aim to complete the repair by next Tuesday, 11 September."

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Oxford Mail:

Workers from Oxford City Council were erecting new fencing around the hole this morning with a digger expected on site later this afternoon. 

Roads are now reopen following the end of St Giles' Fair which has allowed buses to return to normal. 

The hole opening up had caused bus services to be split in two with others unable to serve city centre locations including George Street.