A PROJECT designed to give West Oxfordshire residents a fresh start has been launched.

Stephen Wiltshire, 32, and Kloe Bennett, 23, have moved into their own home thanks to the Our House project run by West Oxfordshire District Council and Cottsway Housing Association.

The community housing project will involve the tenants renovating the Witney property and give them the opportunity to learn different trades at the same time with the help of experts.

The occupants are currently on out-of-work benefits but could take on an apprenticeship, paving the way to full-time work.

Other partners in the project include Ace Training in Kidlington and the Aspire charity in Oxford which provides commercial services delivered by people facing barriers to securing employment.

Ms Bennett said: “I’m really looking forward to living independently in my own home, doing it up and even getting a job at the end of it.”

Mr Wiltshire said: “It’s great that I can move out of my parents’ house and make a new start. I’m really excited.”

Funding has come from a government grant, with organisers hoping to expand to another Witney property.