A NAKED brawler burst out of his bedroom ‘mid-coitus’ before launching a brutal attack on a man in a row over bringing a woman back to his lodging after hours.

Spanish national Juan Jiminez, of Long Close, Oxford, didn’t turn up for his trial at Oxford Crown Court yesterday for the assault which took place while he was staying at a house on Thames Street.

His trial - which went on in his absence, heard how the 31-year old had been given strict house rules as part of his agreement to live at the city centre home to not bring any guests after midnight.

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Regardless, on the night of November 19, 2016 the landlord Maria Hurst along with her son Brandon and his partner heard Jiminez creep in shortly after 3.30am with a woman.

Despite being reminded that he was not allowed guests after hours he insisted he would ‘only be five minutes’ and the pair disappeared into his bedroom, the court heard.

Eyewitness and Mr Hurst's partner Leona Winder told jurors at the day-long trial yesterday: “A couple of minutes later we heard them having sex, they were not hiding it.

Oxford Mail:

Thames Street, Oxford. Picture: Google Maps

“We got Maria to knock on the door because it is her house, she should be the one to say get out. She didn’t get the response she wanted.”

Jurors heard that Miss Winder then took it upon herself to ask Jiminez to leave but was told to ‘f*** off’.

She continued: “After that my partner knocked on the door because he had been rude to me.

“Juan stepped out of the door, it was within seconds. He was completely naked, he was mid-coitus. He took Brandon straight down.”

Jiminez then launched a sustained attack on Mr Hurst, first lunging at him before throttling him with his hands around his throat.

Detailing the onslaught Mr Hurst told the court from the witness box: “He was fully naked. He put his hands on my throat, both hands.

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“He grabbed me by the throat for 10 or 15 seconds and threw me to the floor and I had about four or five punches to my face. I was on the floor while he was beating me.

“I was covering my face with my hands.”

In a frantic bid to end the violence, the court heard, Miss Winder then grabbed a nearby ladder and began whacking Jiminez with it ‘a number of times’.

She told the court: “I ran straight towards him, he is my partner and I could see [Jiminez] on top of Brandon throwing punch after punch after punch. I saw more than 10 punches.

Oxford Mail:

File photo of a step ladder.

“I picked up a ladder and started hitting Juan with it. I saw red.”

Jiminez then gave up the assault before returning to his bedroom to collect his possessions and find some clothes.

Once he was told by the trio that the police had been called Jiminez fled the house, leaving the woman – who has not been identified, alone in the bedroom.

Police later arrested him and he declined to explain his actions at interview at Abingdon police station.

Despite earlier pleading not guilty to the offence and also attending previous hearings at the court he failed to turn up for his trial which took place in his absence yesterday.

The court heard that police as well as his legal teams had made efforts to locate him but to no avail.

At the end of the brief hearing jurors took just 31 minutes to unanimously find him guilty of one count of assault by beating.

After the verdict had been handed down presiding Judge Zoe Smith revealed that Jiminez had previously admitted another separate count of possession with intent to supply cannabis and prosecutor Edmund Blackman warned a further charged of failing to surrender to custody could be forthcoming.

Addressing the jury panel Judge Smith said: “Thank you for your help, it was quite an unusual situation but thank you.”

A warrant has now been issued for Jiminez’ arrest and he will be sentenced at a later date once he is found and arrested.