WOODCARVERS seeking a permanent home for their artwork have called on the county council to 'fulfil their obligation'.

A team of 11 carvers from The Ox and Bucks branch of the British Woodcarvers Association crafted four wooden panels, which portray a series of key parts of Oxfordshire’s history, in 2007.

They were created as part of an Oxford Inspires (now Experience Oxfordshire) competition, which challenged artists to make something for Oxfordshire County Council marking 1,000 years since Oxfordshire was first recorded as a county.

The work was displayed in 10 of the county’s towns between 2008 and 2010 but now, more than a decade after they were created, all but one are yet to find a permanent home.

One of the 5ft by 4ft framed panels was put on display at Abingdon Library by the county council, which has pledged to support the group in their efforts to find a solution.

President Brian Eastoe said the council encouraged groups to contribute to Oxford Inspires and now has an obligation to help – but had refused a place in Oxfordshire County Library.

This weekend he and other members of the group were displaying the etchings at John Lewis in the Westgate Centre and asking passers-by to sign a petition and show them support in their campaign for a full-time home.

Mr Eastoe said: “These were encouraged by Oxfordshire County Council – but we seem to have very little in the way of cooperation from them when it comes to finding a permanent home.

“Wherever we show them anywhere people come and see them and ask why they’re not on permanent display somewhere instead of sat in my garage.

“What we say to the county council is: You encouraged us to do this and when we did it you seemed to walk away from your obligations.

“You asked us to take them around the county which we did, it’s about time you came up with a location where they can be displayed.”

County council spokeswoman Sara Taylor said: “The association has contacted the county council asking that the remaining three be hung in County Library. Unfortunately since the reconfiguration of the library, there is no wall space for them to be hung safely.

“The association is aware of this and our managers have pledged to work with the group in an attempt to find a happy conclusion.

“The county council previously displayed the panels in the County Hall foyer in 2011 and have offered to put the carvings on display in the Common Hall, but this idea was rejected.”