‘DANGEROUS’ loose stones laid as part of repairs to a road in Cowley have sparked fears for the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Rymers Lane has been resurfaced during Oxford-wide road works, with the city council blaming this summer's heatwave for a delay in clearing gravel.

Mirjam Vogelman captured video of the road following initial repairs and said he was worried the loose stone, which are part of a method called surface dressing, would lead to an accident.

He explained: “The stones are getting out everywhere which creates a very dangerous situation. One, cars cannot stop when the the drivers press the brake. Two, it’s dangerous for people who walk because once the cars passes by the road stones fly everywhere and hit faces, eyes, and this is also dangerous for cyclists too.”

An Oxford City Council spokesperson said: “On behalf of Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford Direct Services is applying surface dressings to Oxford roads, including Rymers Lane, in accordance with the national code of practice.

"This involves using a roller after applying gravel to bitumen and then sweeping any loose material regularly after 48 hours, with traffic movement helping the bedding-in process.

"Unfortunately, it was not always possible to conduct the sweeping during the recent heatwave, which left the bitumen sticky. Nonetheless, Rymers Lane has now been swept four times to remove loose stones and the new dressing will protect the road surface for a number of years.

"In line with national standards, appropriate signage is used to let all road users know that extra care should be taken on the road during the bedding in stage.”

It comes after a water pipe burst on the East Oxford street earlier this month, causing it to be shut for a week after the road collapsed on August 16.