A GIANT mural has brought a shock of colour to a West Oxfordshire town - and changed perceptions of street art in the process.

The design, on Carters Walk, Carterton, was painted by Oxford artist Andrew 'Mani' Manson and stands on a wall opposite The Siege of Orleans MicroAlehouse.

Mr Manson, whose work can be found on several locations across Oxford, including Cowley Road and the New Theatre, spent six days last week perfecting his 'medieval mash-up'.

The mural was commissioned by Bryony Holloway, manager of The Siege of Orleans, who aims to change people's perceptions of drinking and thought the same could be applied to street art.

The talented artist said residents had shown a huge interest in his work, which incorporates aspects of local history and culture.

Mr Manson said: “It’s a new endeavour for Carterton and it’s definitely caused a few talking points.

“A lot of people have asked what it’s about and they’ve given their own suggestions.

“We’ve had to convince a few people but by talking to people more you find out about local history.

“It’s all about working with the locals as they’re going to be living with it.”

Even these stunning photos do not do the mural justice, with dozens of subtle local references squeezed onto the wall.

Knights in shining armour pepper the design, but look closely and you will see much more, including fairground rides and tomatoes - the latter due to Carterton's former position in the market gardening world.

Mr Manson hopes his creation will encourage other local artists to showcase their abilities and Ms Holloway revealed passers-by have since expressed an interest in similar projects.

The pub's manager was understandably delighted with the finished project and said the reception could not have been better.

She said: "When I met Mani I knew that was the right kind of style, with the vibrancy, the colour and energy.

"After watching the process it has far surpassed everything I thought it could be.

"In years to come we'll start noticing things we've never seen before.

"I was worried people from older generations wouldn't like it, but there's been a real mix of ages saying they've loved it."