CHILD geniuses aged just seven and nine have reportedly set a record as the youngest brothers to sit a GCSE exam.

Brainy brothers David and Francis Carian learnt yesterday that they had both passed their GCSE maths paper, after graduating from an education 'bootcamp' taken in Oxford.

David and his older brother, from London, completed the Oxford EIE (Excellence in Education) Bootcamp, which invites gifted children to hone their academic skills.

The scheme, led by Chris Imafidon, taught the GCSE syllabus to eight bright young sparks this year, aged from seven-12.

Usually exams are taken in Year 11, at the age of 16.

David said: "Maths is a game because of Professor Chris and EIE.

"I love playing EIE games and puzzles in the special book called the Maths Manual.

"I want to be a pilot so I can fly all over the world and be really high in the sky."

His brother Francis, who hopes to become an astronaut or musician, said: "I never knew I could even sit the exam until I started the mentorship programme."

EIE said they had 'set a new record as the youngest brothers to ever sit a GCSE'.

Oxford Mail:

David (left) and Francis Carian with their mentor Chris Imafidon 

The three-day course mainly took place at Ashmolean Museum at the end of June, with some children also participating at the Museum of the History of Science.

EIE Bootcamp occurs once a term all parents and pupils are welcome, with preference given to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It said payment is 'not commercial' but some participants offer a 'voluntary contribution', and courses range from Key stage 1 to undergraduate level. 

In 2008 Prof Imafidon's own twins Peter and Paula became the youngest children to pass an A/AS-level examination in maths.

Prof Imafidon said: “Using the EIE learning methodology, everyone can understand the fundamentals of any A-level, or GCSE subject in 21 days.

"With the right, tools, techniques and technology every student is a genius."

The boys' 35-year-old father Ronald Carian, a videographer, said: "This is the most pleasant surprise we have ever had since the birth of the children.

"This would have been impossible without Professor Imafidon, who shared the strategies for anyone to understand the most difficult concepts with phenomenal speed and great ease.

"He really knows how to draw out the genius in any and every child."

The boys' mother Jenny Carian, 32, described Prof Imafidon as a 'multi-talented, inspirational leadership trainer'.