A DRUG dealer was jailed after being caught with heroin and crack while on a suspended sentence.

Liam Staite, 21, of Neville Row, Croydon, appeared at Oxford Crown Court on Tuesday after admitting possession with intent to supply heroin and cocaine.

He had also breached the conditions of a suspended sentence handed to him earlier this year for battery and possessing an offensive weapon.

The prosecution said police raided a home in Bicester on the afternoon of July 31. When they arrived at the property, which they suspected had been used for drug dealing, the door was wide open.

After detaining Staite, who was inside the house, they took him into a room so they could strip search him.

The court heard he quickly admitted to having wraps of crack cocaine and heroin on him, claiming to be a 'raging drug addict'.

When he removed his boxer shorts a small blue plastic bag fell out, containing 50 to 60 small wraps of crack and heroin.

The drugs as a whole were valued at around £660.

While in the house officers also found evidence that Staite was profiting from the sale of drugs.

When he was interviewed by police he initially gave no comment. He went on, however, to say he was a drug user but claimed to have found the drugs in a 'forest area' in Bicester.

Ultimately, however, he would accept the Crown Prosecution Service's case in full.

The defence said that Staite accepted full responsibility and did not want to make any excuses for his actions.

Staite, the court heard, had been involved with drugs from a young age and believed prison was the "best place for him", hoping for a chance to "start again" once released.

Judge Peter Ross gave Staite two concurrent 40-month sentences for dealing crack and heroin. He added a consecutive eight weeks for breaching the suspended sentence.