OXFORD has been given the unwanted title as the UK's genital warts capital, with the number of recorded cases in the city 'unusally high'.

According to an FOI request by online pharmacy chemist-4-u.com, there were more cases of the STI in the city than anywhere else in the UK.

In the last 12 months, there were 1,222 wart cases treated by local NHS services— more than three every day.

That was more than 1,072 cases of the country’s most common sexually transmitted infection, chlamydia.

Pharmacist and managing director of chemist-4-u.com, Shamir Patel, warned those who are sexually active in the university city to be aware ahead of the new term in September.

He said: “The number of cases of genital warts in Oxford is unusually high — which means those who are sexually active in the city must be even more aware of the dangers of unprotected sex than usual."

Mr Patel urged those experiencing symptoms such as itching or bleeding to get checked out.

Other STIs stats for Oxford, made available through a Freedom of Information request, included 437 cases of genital herpes and 200 cases of gonorrhoea.

There were 35 cases of Syphilis, while there were 11 cases of scabies.

According to the online pharmacy, males were ahead of women in the STI stakes; 1,626 men were recorded to have been treated with an STI in the Oxford region, and 1,409 females - based on eight sexual health clinic locations.

And it was the 20-to-23 age group that scored the highest, 454 males treated for an STI and 523 females.

In the over 60s age bracket, there were 36 cases of men being seen to for sexually related infections. Fifteen women in the same age group were treated.

In total there was 3,035 cases of STIs that were treated in Oxford in the past 12 months.

The age bracket with the highest score of STI related treatments again fell into the 20 to 23 category.

For more information on STIs visit www.chemist-4-u.com/guides/pharmaceutical-advice/great-british-sti-survey