A POLICE cordon wasput in place after an electrical problem is thought to have caused an underground 'explosion' in the city centre.

A section at the junction of Broad Street and Magdalen Street was  closed off on Saturday and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service were called.

Thames Valley Police spokesman James Williams said it is down to an 'issue with the electrics' which Scottish and Southern Electric (SEE) is dealing with.

A nearby shop worker, who did not want to be named, said there were three big bangs just after midday which sounded like something had 'blown up'.

He said: "It was just in front of Boswells the grass blew up.

"SSE have been working there for three or four days now but havent finished the work yet.

"People said they heard three big bangs, I thought it was one of the BT boxes, but I was told it was the grass which blew up."

A spokeswoman from SSE said they received reports of 'soil being flung up in the air' and a team is investigating currently.

She added: "We have got the site fully cordoned off so nobody can go near the site and to make sure it is safe."