A FETISHIST who left his victims feeling ‘repulsed and violated’ after stealing underwear from their homes and washing lines has been spared jail.

The 39-year-old pants pincher Perry Granville was handed a 22-month suspended sentence yesterday after being found guilty last month of stealing a haul of underwear and three sex toys.

Oxford Crown Court heard how Granville, of Saxton Road in Abingdon, was found to have stashed bagfuls of women's and children's clothes and underwear, as well as vibrators containing his DNA, in two garages.

The clothing, also including swimwear, was believed to have been taken from nearby residents over a number of years.

Judge Zoe Smith said: "A search of the garage in Reynolds Way found a substantial amount of ladies' underwear and clothes, some of which were children's, and a search of the garage nearer to you found there was a substantial number of carrier bags again full of ladies' underwear and children's clothes. There were also three sex toys."

In yesterday's sentencing, the court heard how, in one case, Granville attempted to enter a nearby house by initially knocking on the front door then going round to try the handle of the back door when there was no answer.

He was spotted by a child who was home at the time and who locked the back door before Granville could get there.

Prosecutor Sarah Ellis told Judge Smith of the affect the burglary and thefts had on Granville's victims.

She said how, since Granville was charged, one victim had been 'concerned about leaving her home' through fear of bumping into him.

Ms Ellis added: "She feels repulsed and violated that he has stolen something so intimate."

Summing up, Judge Smith said: "We have heard from the victim's impact statement about the trauma sustained as a result of having someone come into her house and going through her rooms, certainly her own bedroom and no doubt the children's bedrooms as well."

During the trial, Thames Valley Police analysts said Granville's iPhone and iPad showed 3,730 separate visits to a used underwear sharing website – despite which Granville denied ever visiting the site.

However in yesterday's sentencing, defence barrister Lyall Thompson said Granville had since admitted he did visit the website.

He said: "No doubt this intrusion is very upsetting and the impact on the victims is considerable.

"[Despite still denying the charges] the defendant is starting to recognise he has a problem. Mr Granville has accepted he did view the website related to underwear. He disclosed it was to view new and worn underwear but denies it to be sexually arousing."

Judge Smith handed Granville a suspended sentence of 21 months for one count of burglary and one count of attempted burglary, to run concurrently, plus one month imprisonment for each of the two counts of theft – to run concurrently with each other but after the burglary sentences.

That totals 22 months imprisonment, and he was ordered to undertake 80 hours unpaid work and to take part in rehabilitation programmes.

Judge Smith said: "You are, and have been for a very long time, obsessed by women’s underwear but you can’t admit it.

“[Mr Thompson] indicates you have made, in small part, some movement towards recognising that you have a problem and that you have an interest in that area.”

She added: “One hopes on such programme you can recognise this fetish you have, so it can stop. That will be, probably, for the future much less of a risk of you continuing to be obsessed and continuing in the way you have behaved.”

Granville was also given a restraining order against seven of his victims to stop him from approaching them for the foreseeable future.

He must also pay £285 compensation to one of his victims as an estimate for the items stolen.